AAA School Of Advertising

This exciting course is now in progress

2021 Dates: 11 January 2021 & 15 November 2021

Duration: 3 weeks (± 4 hours/week)   

Entry requirements: Basic understanding of marketing will be helpful, but not required

AAA Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon completion.

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Insightful Marketing

Many of today’s most successful companies and brands have one thing in common – they put the customer at the heart of everything they do. In this course, we will practically explore how insights can improve your strategic planning, optimise your brand engagement, enhance your creative campaigns and help to secure a competitor advance. We will investigate various principles, tools and techniques to apply to your own brand or service.

This course also looks at how to develop the mindset, behaviours and soft skills you need to become a more Insightful Marketer.  

this course is ideal for…

  • Marketeers, Advertising execs, Creatives and Insights managers wanting to refresh their skills on how to practically apply insights
  • Entrepreneurs looking to upskill their insight capabilities and customer understanding

what to expect


  • Small group of participants to ensure high quality interaction
  • Knowledge sharing, Q&A and best practise learnings with your industry expert
  • Top tips on how to develop an insightful and consumer-focused approach 
  • Practical exercises to help you confidently apply what you’ve learned to your brand, service or business 
  • A resource pack with tools and templates to help you apply the principles to real-life business issues 
  • Live online learning sessions and access to online resources and content

In this course you will learn:

What is Insight and why is it important?

  • Explore where Insight comes from
  • Differentiate between information, facts, data and insight

Consumer engagement

  • How to cultivate an Insightful mindset within your organisation
  • How to become an insightful manager and leader

Developing an insightful knowledge base

  • What information is needed to develop engaging customer activities
  • Sourcing and capturing relevant information
  • 4 easy steps to move from information to Insight
  • Developing a good Insight and evaluate it against a checklist
  • Bringing customer knowledge to life for your stakeholders

The role of Insight in the strategic marketing process

  • How Insights can optimise business decisions, goal setting and all customer-related activities
  • Identifying what makes marketing strategies and activities insightful
  • Applying what you’ve learned to your brand, service or business

Maximising Insight on a small budget

  • A case study on a brand with no budget and how Insight turned the brand performance around

How to become an insightful manager

after completing this course

You’ll have a solid understanding of how to be more insightful in your approach to developing your marketing strategy, activity plans and creative executions