AAA School Of Advertising

SAQA ID: 57884
Duration: 3 years
Credits: 360


R 89,990.00 for existing and new students.


  • NSC with Degree endorsement.
  • APS: 24 if Maths was passed OR 25 if Maths Literacy was passed.
  • 50% for English/Language of Instruction.
  • 40% for Maths/Maths Literacy.

Mature Age Exemption:

Candidates who have attempted matric/Grade 12 or reached the age of 23 before or during the first year of registration may be considered for admission.

Work experience may also be considered.


This degree will shape your creative mind. 

You’ll learn how to apply different techniques and methods to a problem in order to come up with a big idea and ultimately, a winning creative solution. 

Whether you are an Art Director, a Graphic Designer or a Copywriter, learning how to think conceptually and taking that thought through to an execution – be it in pictures, symbols or words – is where we’ll build the skills you need to put you ahead of the pack and make sure you’re industry-ready.

As a creative, your job is to communicate ideas, feelings and stories and if your work makes people stop and think, shed a tear or laugh out loud, you’ve cracked it.

All final year students will embark on a compulsory, structured and monitored Internship programme within the advertising, design, media, digital marketing or communication industry.

Degree Overview:

•Craft & Writing Skills
•Design Thinking
•Marketing Management
•Visual Studies
•Digital Media
•Graphic Design (Elective)
•Art Direction (Elective)
•Copywriting (Elective)
•Applied Writing (Elective)

•Digital Media
•Consumer Behaviour
•Industry Practice
•Graphic Design (Elective)
•Art Direction (Elective)
•Copywriting (Elective)

•Campaign Activations
•Media Research
•Graphic Design (Elective)
•Art Direction (Elective)
•Copywriting (Elective)
•Work Integrated Learning

•Art Director
•Graphic Designer