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Want an exciting career? Imagine writing an ad that goes viral, being on set with gorillas that play drums or inventing a machine that makes music from your taste buds.

That's Advertising!

The Nitty Gritty

Although it’s not always gorillas and fun, advertising is highly rewarding. You can win prestigious awards, make work that makes the world think twice and have a successful career with a big pay cheque but best of all, you can make your mamma proud.

Why AAA?

Created by the profession for the profession, AAA knows exactly what students need to fast track their careers and become successful. Each curriculum has been carefully curated by the best in the business and is internationally recognised.

Still not sure what you want to do?

Chill out and take our 4-minute quiz that will match up the things you love with a career you’ll dig.

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There are many career options in the business of advertising, marketing and communications; there are wacky creatives, savvy strategists, kings and queens of social media, the suits in account

management, the time keepers in traffic – aka the police and so much more.

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